Chicken health is basically not that difficult to keep. There are not many problems that will arise in your flock, but once a problem is presently there you have to care for this quickly, to prevent the spreading of an sickness. Chicken medicine for everyone is a lot more of what a chicken requires to keep wholesome.

If you are planning to boost a flock of such birds then you need to learn a bit regarding chicken care, and ways to keep a chicken wholesome. You need to begin with the basics.

It is essential to a birds similar to this is to have a regular flow of clean drinking water. Those chickens require a lot of drinking water everyday, and it will be up to you to keep the water jar clean. This birds may walk in it, and they're going to use the restroom in it. They do not recognize they are contaminating their particular drinking water supply. If you can set up an automatic drinking water supply system for your chickens it can save you lots of work.

You also need to understand that when the weather is very hot, and dry, this birds in your pen needs much more water. These kind of animals dehydrate quickly. One way to prevent birds illness is always to maintain the birds hydrated. To help your birds stay moisturized, and protect against chicken illnesses, you can buy them a bag of oats. Do not provide them with the oats dry. You need to

When certain chemical substances in the brain get imbalance, certain mood problems arise, which can be called Anxiety or some time depression. Celexa Generic Citalopram tablet is a SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor). Celexa treats depression and anxiety by improving the imbalance state of certain chemicals in the brain and ultimately improves the mood changes.

Celexa Generic Citalopram is used to treat Anxiety and depression.

Before using Celexa, let your Doctor know your complete health history, prescription as well as non-prescription medications you are taking, make sure you are not allergic to the content of Celexa.

Do not use Celexa:
If you have liver or kidney diseases

If you are pregnant or planning to be pregnant

If you are taking escitalopram, monoamine oxidase inhibitor such as Phenelzine, Selegiline, St. John Wart within 14 days, or Fenfluramine Derivative such as Dexfenfluramine, H1 Antagonist such as Astemizole, Terfenadine, Nefazodone, Pimozide, or Sibutramine

If you or your family members have a history of severe depression or bipolar

If you have history of seizure or metabolism problem

If you are dehydrated, low blood pressure or alcoholism

You have to take Celexa exactly as prescribed for you. Take Celexa at regular interval during the day. Taking Celexa more than prescribed or longer than recommended may give you allergic side effects. You can take Celexa with full glass of water. The treatment duration is generally 4 weeks. Do not stop taking Celexa even if you feel better before the treatment ends. You may face unpleasant allergic reactions if you suddenly stop taking Celexa.

If you miss

Study Routes:

An entrance exam after science in 10+2 is necessary to get admission in one of the medical colleges listed below. Followed by a four and a half year MBBS program which makes you a general practitioner. Next is a one-year internship.
For an MD or an MS i.e. specialization there is another 2-year program, which can be taken up only after qualifying an exam. More than 70% of all MBBS graduates try for postgraduate qualifications, rather than going in for a job or practice. Choice can be any one of the large number of subjects studied during MBBS course Surgery, Medicine, Microbiology, Dermatology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Psychiatry, Paediatrics, Otolaryngology, Biochemistry, Radiology, Ophthalmology, Pathology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Physiology, Anatomy and Preventive Medicine.
Finally there is super-specialisation as Neurosurgeon, Paediatric surgeon, Cardiologist, Nephrologist, Gastroenterologist, Cardiothoracic surgeon, Genito-urinary surgeon, and Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon.

India- Best Places to Study (Rankings May 2007):
AIIMS, New Delhi
CMC, Vellore
AFMC, Oune
JIPMER, Pondicherry
Seth GS Medical College, Mumbai
Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi
King Georges Medical University, Lucknow
Kastirba Medical College, Manipal
St. Johns, Bangalore
Grants Medical College, Mumbai
LMT Medical College, Sion, Mumbai
Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU, Varanasi
BJ Medical College, Pune
Bangalore Medical College, Pune
Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi
Madras Medical College, Chennai
Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad
Calcutta Medical College, Calcutta
Stanley Medical College, Chennai
Christian Medical College, Ludhiana
Government Medical College, Mysore
Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad
University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi
BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad
Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College,

Although traditional medicine cannot replace modern medicine as far as diagnosis, investigation and emergency care are concerned, certain 'alternative' systems which focus on overall health, have shown remarkable and swift results even in chronic illnesses like diabetes, leucoderma, cancer as well as hard to cure diseases like arthritis, asthma and even AIDS.


Ayurveda, literally meaning the science of life, aims at healing the individual as a whole, instead of merely at the molecular level. This ancient healing system is based on the theory that everything is composed of panchamahabhutas, or the five basic elements (akaash, jal, vayu, agni, dharti). The main source of our knowledge of Ayurveda is the Atharva Veda, which dates back to around 1200 BC.

Find Alternative Medicine Programs in the United States and Canada. With the phenomenal expansion of complementary and holistic therapies, there are growing numbers of healing arts schools that now offer alternative medicine programs to both practitioners and prospective students searching for unique career-training opportunities.
Of the numerous alternative medicine programs - massage therapy, holistic health, energy healing, and nutritional consulting are some of the more popular academic programs available today.

Alternative Healing Education
Alternative healing education provides courses to students that may lead to certificates, diplomas and degrees in the healing arts. In many instances, alternative healing education classes can encompass broad spectrums of noninvasive healing modalities such as aromatherapy, Ayurveda, energy healing therapies, herbology and herbal medicine, chiropractic, acupressure, and naturopathy  to mention just a few. Some alternative healing education programs enable students to

When considering which method of flea prevention to introduce to a pet, many pet owners are confused. There are a number of products available on the market and trying to determine which one is most beneficial for their specific pet and their pet's needs can be challenging. When it comes to finding a product that will treat young dogs and cats, most pet owners turn to Capstar. Capstar is an oral medicine given to the pet daily. When ingested, this product will kill all adult fleas. While some pet owners would question why they would want to use a product that requires a daily dosing regimen, there are valid reasons to decide to go this route. One reason that Capstar is popular would be that this medicine can be given to puppies and kittens as young as four weeks old, but they must be at least two pounds. Most of the other products on the market don't offer protection to cats and dogs until they are at least seven weeks old. Capstar offers protection to much younger animals. In addition, those cat owners who have ever tried to give a cat a flea bath will appreciate the ease a simple daily pill dosage provides. Cats are notoriously afraid of water. Shampooing the cat properly and trying to dry it off can be both messy and hazardous. Being able to take Capstar daily is much simpler. Flea collars have proven to be the least reliable method of protection. The farther the

People suffering from any type cancer may be breast cancer or lung cancer and even prostate cancer or colon cancer highly depend on traditional cancer treatments namely radiology or chemotherapy. But many search for other solutions like various forms of complementary and alternative cancer treatments to relief them from pain. There are few alternative cancer medicines that are safe and provide benefits as well to cope up with various signs and symptoms that are brought about by cancer. The very common symptoms of cancer are anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, pain, stress and vomiting.

Patients must use alternative cancer medicines as an add-on to cancer that he is getting from doctors. But such treatment cannot be used as a replacement treatment.

Cancer alternative treatment include strict diets as well as the macrobiotic diet, nutritional supplements, bio-electromagnetics, mind-body interventions and even acupuncture that helps greatly in reducing nausea or pain. Other types of alternative cancer treatment are massages, meditation and even aromatherapy with taking additional supplement of vitamin and mineral to help enhance the efficiency of the particular traditional treatment undertaken by a patient.

Today, people are seen to combine traditional treatments with the usual alternative cancer treatment based on the severity of the cancer and its types. It is highly recommended to take active advice of medical practitioner before partaking alternative cancer treatment to fight cancer.

Another effective alternative cancer treatment is to use "laetrile", a substance available in some fruits that can provide relief from few cancer symptoms or after effects of painful chemotherapy and

Can Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Treat Renal Failure? The answer is yes. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is to make the effective traditional Chinese medicines finely shattered, and with the help of penetrant and osmosis devices, the medicines can permeate into damaged kidney through external application. It is an innovative treatment of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is totally different from Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment and has its unique features.

1. Different serieses of medicines for different symptoms of different patients: in total, there are nine different serieses of medicines created by the experts in our hospital in order to treat variable kidney diseases. In addition, the medicines for children differ from those for adults. In this way, the patients will not be wrongly treated and a better therapeutic will be achieved.

2. External application: it is known that many oral medicines may overload liver so side effects can not be avoided. On contrary, external application doesn't have this kind of problems.

3. Finely shattered medicines: drugs are shattered into molecular which are smaller than the mesh diameter of glomerular basement membrane, so the drugs could easily penetrate the barriers which impede the drugs go into the lesions. The researches has shown that about most of the effective medicines can arrive at damaged kidney, thus achieving the goal of treating inner diseases by external application.

4. Shortcut: no matter the medicines belong to west or east, if they are oral medicines, there will be a long way to go until arriving damaged kidney which is situated