Just because the media doesnt think favourably about alternative therapies in health and medicine (why would they, they depend enormously on revenue gained from drug advertisements), doesnt mean to say that they are not hugely successful in the areas they treat.

Take homeopathy. Did you know that homeopathy can heal poisonous snake bites? And cataracts? And cancer?

Well, to be strictly honest, homeopathy doesnt do the healing. It frees those blockages within you, so that you can heal yourself. It does this by treating you, not the disease you have. This is unique in health and medicine, let alone alternative therapies in health and medicine.

Few people are aware of the enormous scope homeopathy has. Its kept well hidden by vicious media attacks. This is totally understandable when you realise that homeopathy is low cost. That anyone can do a lot of good using a few common remedies at home, without knowing very much.

This is a huge threat to the lucrative profits of the big pharmaceutical industry.

But does it help you?

Lets look at a few examples.

A woman was suffering from a cerebral stroke and in a coma. After a month of futile treatments, doctors declared her case as hopeless.

Luckily for her, a homeopath was brought in.

Her unique symptoms before and during the stroke were taken.

She was given a common homeopathic remedy, one which is found in all first aid kits for home prescribing, regularly. Within two days she was moving her eyes, blinking and made efforts to speak. After one week she talking, moving her neck and asking for food. Within one month she walking with support. Shortly after, she recovered of all her mental functions. Ref Homeopathy 4 Everyone May 2009

Lets look at another case.

A newly trained hospital doctor was given the job of overseeing the hopeless cases of hepatitis C. With little to do and an open mind, he began searching for something outside the scope of medicine, something perhaps within the scope of alternative therapies in health and medicine.

He discovered that alpha lipoic acid (an antioxidant) was a great healer for toxic livers. After giving his patients this supplement, they all recovered.

Sadly his colleagues couldnt afford this to come out, as it threatened their careers and their reputations. Ref Dr. Bersksons book The Alpha Lipoic Acid Breakthrough

Yet another case showing how thorough practitioners have to be when using alternative therapies in health and medicine.

A young medical student was taken seriously ill suddenly. She visited doctor after doctor. She was prescribed everything from antibiotics to antidepressants and everything in between. Not one doctor asked her what had changed in her life just prior to becoming sick.

Eventually she worked it out for herself. Since starting at university, her diet had changed from good home cooking to eating hot dogs on the run. Once she eliminated the hot dogs and their sodium nitrate preservative from her diet, she fully regained her health.

Take control of your own health. Look beyond your comfort zone for health care and nutrition. Have an open mind. Youll be amazed at how healthy you can become.

We all know about the bad bacteria. Thesy cause those little annoyances like diarrhea, cholera, anthrax and leprosy. Tuberculosis, the most common fatal respiratory infection is also caused by bacteria. This is why antibiotics is so widespread and important. It helps keep the bad bacteria away.

Good bacteria, is less known. People just dont bother to know that there is actually good bacteria! Some beneficial bacteria are known to counter aging, manage lactose intolerance, improve immune function, prevent infections, lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure among others. This is why probiotics is needed. It increases the good bacteria in your body, making you healthier and even happier!

Kefir is better than yogurt and probiotic pills because:
1. it contains the most number of beneficial bacteria compared to both probiotic pills and yogurt.

2. it has these beneficial bacteria are able to share perfect symbiosis with one another, synergistically increasing its overall health benefits

3. the beneficial bacteria are not turned dormant but are very much alive and kicking, and are much more fit to do to their magic in your body

4. it cures lactose intolerance.

5. used to relieve all intestinal disorders, since it cleanses the intestines and digestive tracts

6. it will give you better bowel movement and reduces flatulence

7. it gives you a healthy immune system

8. lowers blood cholesterol and blood pressure. It also controls and maintains it.

9. reduces risk of cancer. It produces cancer preventing properties.

10. used in the treatment of AIDS, diabetes, colon cancer and other cancers, chronic fatigue, herpes, sleep disorders, ADHD, among others.

11. it is also rich in minerals like calcium

12. it has lots of vitamins from Vitamin B1, B12, to Vitamin K.

In conclusion, there are good bacteria and bad bacteria. We know that antibiotics can get rid of the bad, harmful bacteria but now we know how to harness the health benefits of the good bacteria we need from probiotics like Kefir.

When you hear about oil of oregano, you may start to think of a variety of delicious ways to use it in recipes in your kitchen. However, what you should know that this type of essential oil is actually quite different than what you would use in your favorite foods. In the homeopathic world, oregano oil is a strong natural supplement that can be used in a vast amount of way to help people with a number of health concerns. Today, many patients will use this oil as a piece of their daily routine to help them with everything from allergies and colds to headaches and dental health. The list of uses for oil of oregano happens to be so long that you will be amazed at the number of ways that you can benefit from it.

Just like the cooking spice oregano, oil of oregano comes directly from the oregano plant. This strong extract is a very powerful antioxidant that contains compounds including thymol and carvacrol. Certainly you have already heard of the many physicians and nutritionists that swear by the increase in antioxidants in any diet leading to a greater sense of health and general well-being. Some people will even say that boosting your intake of antioxidants will help to reverse some signs of aging as well as reserving cellular damage within the body. While no supplement to your diet is a cure for everything, oil of oregano can certainly be dubbed a fountain of youth for many people who are suffering from any number of ailments.

Many people who use oil of oregano swear by it when it comes to alleviating mild stomach pains. Also, when used as a cough suppressant this oil can be a wonderful asset to your medicine cabinet. Whether you are a person who cannot afford a number of the medications to be found on the market today or you are simply looking for an alternative to chemicals, keeping things natural is easy when you make sure that you always have this beneficial oregano extract on hand.

For quite some time now, both men and women have been using oil of oregano to help fight fungus. If you suffer from athlete's foot, you should find that this powerful extract works wonders to not only alleviate the burning or itching, but it can even do away with this affliction altogether with diligent application. At the same time, women are able to benefit from the natural healing properties of oil of oregano when it comes to knocking out bacteria and itching associated with the fungus that grows during a yeast infection. With the ability to be taken orally or applied topically after dilution with another household oil, this oregano extract is well worth its weight in gold.

Since it has been used for hundreds of years, you would think that oil of oregano would be first in the minds of everyone who is looking for a cure to a long list of health issues. However, this extract has been a well-kept secret that many people are just now tapping into. Whether you decide to use it alone as a natural supplement or if you want to use it in addition to a prescribed or over the counter medicine, you are sure to find that it will be one of the most cherished natural products within your home.

To be used for problems including back pain, asthma, burns, calluses, hay fever, impetigo, poison ivy or even measles, oil of oregano is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Just a little bit goes a long way and the benefits are simply remarkable. Before you know it, you may just find yourself using oil of oregano whenever you have a health concern.

The use of plants for healing and curing different disease is not new. It is an ancient medical science, popularly known as alternative medicine science and counted among the most widely known therapies. Today it is considered safer, natural, and inexpensive. It is one of its own kinds of medical science that is primarily based on the medical traditions and focus on the curing based on capabilities of herbs and different other natural elements. In addition to this, the key feature that makes this medical science different conventional method is basically it empowers patient to prevent disease, instead of having to rely exclusively on a medical professional. It mainly emphasizes on the patient's entire internal condition, along with the state of mind and emotional balance.

Today if we look at the current scenario the method of treating different disease by making the best use of alternative medicine science has been increased. In recent times, many people have started using this form of medicine for curing their disease. In fact, as per the recent survey conducted by the National Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine of the United States, it has even been revealed that near about 36% of Americans are using this form of medicine. As a result, in the last few years, many career fields in this medicine science have emerged at phenomenon pace. Today there are many fields and career opportunities available for study in alternative medicine institute settings through distance learning or correspondence education programs. These mainly include:

Acupuncture- Acupuncture is truly a very rewarding career. Its effectiveness has been proved in many treatments and today it is practiced at many part of the world. It is thousand years old treatment procedure and has a very good career growth potential. In fact, today it is one of the most requested forms of treatment in the fast-growing field and holds promise as one of the key modalities to be used in current and future integrative medical settings.

Massage therapy- Massage therapy is another field that too offers enormous growth opportunities. It is one of the few professions that too offer lucrative income and rewarding career growth opportunities. All you need is to enroll in alternative medicine program focused on massage therapy. Today this field is estimated that the career field will continue to grow at a faster than average rate over the next several years.

Herbal medicine- With the demand for alternative medicine on the rise, the herbal medicine is another field that further provides a variety of opportunities in different professional fields including positions such as herbalists, natural healing practitioners, Ayurvedic practitioners, and related fields in iridology.

Naturopathic medicine- Naturopathic medicine covers every aspects of family health from prenatal to geriatric care, with a special focus on whole-patient wellness. The prospect for making a prosperous living in this field is extremely very excellent for the foreseeable future. The key feature that is making a career in this field different from other is it focuses on getting at the causes of disease, instead of merely treating the symptoms of disease.

Indian Ayurvedic medicine- Today making a career in ayurvedic medicine too has its own rewards. An ayurveda practioners can be self-employed or may even work at established private practices or wellness centers where different forms of alternative medicine are basically used in conjunction with modern medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine- Careers in Chinese medicine are much diverse and include various healing arts professions like Chinese medical massage therapists, acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists. However, depending on the time you would like to invest in achieving, you should examine the proper alternative medicine program or course that can meet your aspirations. These are some of the top emerging career options in alternative medicine science that has gained wide popularity and in next few years each of them are going to gain more reputation.

Alternative medicine is a thing that more and more folks are beginning to look into, but you will find loads of information on the topic and it can be rather puzzling. Another thing you will find that even though more folks are looking into alternative medicine there are other individuals who have not ever worried about just what they put in their bodies. Over the last few years I have been studying alternative medicines and the positive results that they can have your all around health, and this is something that I believed that more people should know about.

Just so you know, alternative medicines are one thing that can help you deal with different health conditions that you may suffer from with out having to take drugs. Individuals have begun to be more worried lately with the things that they are placing into their bodies, and so alternative medicine has become considerably popular among health-conscious individuals these days.

Recently I have been carrying out a lot of research for articles that deal with alternative medicine and I considered that more people should be mindful of what this is. It is also something that I have been personally interested in, as I never liked taking any types of drugs. A primary reason for this is simply because of all of the negative side effects you find out about with all sorts of prescription drugs. This is also something that more men and women should be aware of as I am confident you have seen drug commercials on TV and all the side effects at the end of the particular commercials. What you need to ask yourself is why would you take a drug which is going to result in additional problems and wind up causing you to take more drugs? And this simply will go on and on.

This of course, is one of the principal reasons that more and more folks are looking into alternative medicine as an option. They are people who are in search of new and healthier ways to treat their symptoms and who are convinced that the more natural something is, the better it is for their body and their over all health. So let me ask you a question, just what makes more sense, taking harmful chemical substances such as prescription drugs or using all natural remedies that have no negative side effects.

There is much too much to say about alternative medicine here, but I merely wanted to point out that there are alternatives to taking all those prescription drugs that cause all sorts of side effects. As with other things in your life you will notice that you get to make the choice on how best you feel you can take care of your body. After you look at the benefits of alternative medicine to prescription drugs, you just have to assess if it is a good choice for you. The information that we supplied here may not be enough for you to select alternative medicine, but you can get loads more information online if you are interested.

Americans are spenidng about $40 billion a year to treat and slow the degeneration of their teeth. Our teeth are designed to last a lifetime, yet today there is an increasing percentage of Americans who wear dentures - party because they are living longer. Between 80 and 90 percent of our population has some gum disease which may already be in the advanced stages by the time they experienced pain.

This is known as periodontal disease (PD), otherwise known as gum disease, a low-grade bacterial infection of the gums, bone, and ligaments that support your teeth. PD can be a very serious bacterial infection that destroys the supporting bone and attachment fibers that hold your teeth in your mouth.

bacteria can become overgrown and form tartar, which produces toxins that provoke the body's immune response. PD destroys the supporting structure of the teeth and this in turn leads to loss of teeth.

How do you know if you have PD? One sign is bleeding gums. Remember that our tooth sockets are joints, and the teeth are essentially bones. Red, tender, discolored or bleeding gums means you should probably take time to make an appointment with a dentist. If you have a serious case of PD, your dentist may suggest a specialist who will put you on a program for treating PD.

If you have sensitive teeth or gums or minor discomfort from dental work, there are several new all-natural herbal treatments for gums that you can purchase online, which help restore oral health.

Chinese herbal remedies can be integrated with advanced modern scientific techniques to prevent disease before it occurs. Some people use a regime of nightly gum packs made from herbs rolled in gauze, tucked into the corners of the mouth comprised of a combination of turmeric, aloe, willow bark, powdered alum and vitamin E.

Traditionally people used herbal therapies and natural tooth brushes made from twigs and healing plants. Ironically, these primitive brushes actually work well, providing a natural-bristle, disposable brush with healing herbs. In Asia, people often use twigs of the neem tree. These twigs contain volatile oils which stimulate blood circulation, tannins that tighten and cleanse gum tissue. One classic Ayurvedic combination contains two parts powdered potassium alum, an astringent, and one part powdered salt.

North Americans use prickly ash bark and myrrh gum is widely used in the Middle East. Diluted tea tree oil also stimulates circulation and kills germs. For healthier gums, bay, eucalyptus, juniper, oak, fir, all work well.

British herbalist David Hoffmann (The New Holistic Herbal; Element, 1983) suggests using the roots of marshmallow, licorice, horseradish or alfalfa. Herbal medicine and herbal treatments such as natural tooth powders which are warming, removes plaque, and promotes gum circulation.

Natural healers and herbalists from around the world recommend using warming, astringent, connective-tissue-healing herbs which can be used as a rinse or applied as packs. You can try a little powder wetted to a mush with a liquid such as water or vitamin E, and tucked in near the teeth. Herbs such as amla that support the healing and development of connective tissue when taken internally also benefits the gums. Remember that since they must saturate the whole body in order to work on the gums, the healing effect of these tonics may take longer.

Herbs that treat the skeleton and the joints when taken internally are good bets for long-term tooth health. Standouts include yellow dock root, alfalfa leaf, cinnamon bark, and turmeric root. Licorice root helps promotes anti-cavity action, reduces plaque, and has an antibacterial effect. Hawthorn berry and bilberry fruit also help to stabilize collagen, while strengthening the gum's tissue.

Whole body healing along with a local herbal treatment for gums can dramatically reverse PD. Some of these Chinese herbal remedies not only provide fast-acting relief, but they help to restore internal balance to support healthy teeth and gums.

When you have sensitive teeth or gums, or minor discomfort from dental work, look online for herbal therapies. These all-natural remedies can help restore your body's natural balance and will promote oral health.

Chronic Pain conditions are a growing problem in the United States. And while the debate still rages about whether or not chronic pain should be managed as a separate condition or just a symptom of another problem it is clear that pain management has become a booming segment of the healthcare industry.

Consequently, the use of pharmaceutical drugs for pain control has also reached an all time high. Drugs like Oxicontin, Vicodin and methadone, are front page news in causing America's latest drug crisis, as a result, the use of cocaine and heroin have also reached levels not seen in this country in 30 years.

Due to the economic and scientific phenomena of the pharmaceutical revolution of the 20th century, thousands of years of knowledge were suddenly abandoned. Herbal medicine has safely and effectively treated pain for millennia, and is for safer than the synthesized, processed medications that today's doctors seem to be all too willing to hand out like so much candy.

In the realm of alternative medicine, there are many forms of natural pain management that are in fact, the basis of where many of our oh-so-popular pharmaceutical drugs come from.

Codeine and morphine are opium derivatives that may be effective but are also highly addictive, and even aspirin is a derivative of willow bark. Many other plants have been used in natural pain management since antiquity, such as lavender and chamomile for minor pain issues and these plants have the added benefit of also assisting with the emotional component of pain such as anxiety and difficulty sleeping. Plants like henbane and mandrake are so effective that they are even used very effectively during labor to ease the pain of childbirth.

Some wonderful and powerful herbal medicine can also be found in the spice cabinet. Spices like turmeric, and ginger are two of the most powerful anti- inflammatories on the planet. These plants are natural COX-2 inhibitors; they are the alternative medicine answer to the popular pharmaceutical drugs Celebrex and Vioxx. In the middle east, India and all over Asia where the diets are rich in spices like turmeric, and ginger and cayenne, where life is also far less convenient then our own, people have a far less occurrence of arthritis and chronic back pain, and continue to work very labor intensive jobs such as farming and agriculture work even into their 90's.

There has always been an accepted school of thought in allopathic medicine that it is acceptable to injure one part of the body to heal another, thus even common over the counter NSAID pain relievers such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen, can cause long term damage, acetaminophen to the liver and ibuprofen to the kidneys, in natural pain management many plants, roots, barks, and other herbs not only antistetic in nature but they are also anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic as well, and herbal medicine is gentler on the system and is more synergistic with the body allowing for greater absorption of the necessary constitutes.

So you see that alternative medicine goes beyond the typically accepted ideal of treating just the symptoms and goes farther to treat many of the underlying causes as well as some of the other components involved in chronic pain conditions.

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Allergy, or type I hypersensitivity, is the systemic inflammatory response of the body toward allergens or allergy causing agents. People with allergy are usually hypersensitive toward certain things which are considered normal by other people. Some of these things include dust, pollen, certain foods, and even mosquito bites. The patients may offer suffer from small problems like running nose, itchy nose, rash, and other things. However, sometimes allergy could be really dangerous and potentially life-threatening with symptoms like anaphylactic shock, which could be fatal. Generally, allergy can be found out with certain symptoms and can be treated early with allergy medicine. When found out earlier, the chances of controlling allergy with allergy medicine are more and easier. However, it is to be noted that allergy can only be controlled, and not cured. The most practical remedy for allergy is to lead a clean lifestyle, stay away from the allergens which cause you allergy, take allergy medicine, and follow the instructions of the physician.

Some of the commonest symptoms are running nose, itchy nose, wheezing, ear pain, headache, and in some cases even asthma. While most of the people ignore these problems as not-so-important ones, you have to take notice if they tend to occur again and again in a relatively short period of time. If you feel or suspect that after consuming certain food or after using something you tend to have these symptoms, you should consult your physician immediately. For treating allergy, there are both prescription and over-the-counter allergy medicine available. Usually, physicians will suggest antihistamines to control allergy, as they are considered the best in controlling the symptoms. An antihistamine is also the most versatile of the allergy medicine, as it can be taken as a pill, nasal spray, liquid, or an eye drop. Benadryl, Claritin, and Dimetane are some of the famous over-the-counter medicines while Clarinex, Allegra, and Zyrtec are the most famous prescription medicines.

When exposed to an allergy causing agent, the patient is likely to get his immune system triggered on. The immune system immediately releases histamine, which gets attached to the receptors in blood vessels and makes them larger. This causes problems and results in redness, itch, running nose, and other problems. The proper allergy medicine for this problem is an antihistamine. By giving antihistamines, the histamine receptors are blocked and the symptoms can be prevented. Antihistamines usually cause drowsiness, but non-sedating antihistamines can also be suggested by your physician.

Another important category of allergy medicine is the decongestant. Decongestants, as the name suggests, relieve congestion and usually go hand in hand with antihistamines. As congestion is one of the commonest symptoms of allergy, decongestants are widely used by allergy patients. They are available in the form of both liquid and pills, and are extensively used as nasal sprays and eye drops. Like antihistamines, decongestants are also available as prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs. Sudafed tablets, Afrin nasal sprays, and Visine eye drops are some of the over-the-counter drugs and Claritin-D, Allegra-D, and Zytec-D are some of the common prescription drugs. Corticosteroids, another commonly prescribed form of allergy medicine, are used to treat the inflammation related to allergies. They can be taken as nasal corticosteroids, inhaled corticosteroids, eye drops, and oral steroids.

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Can homeopathic medicine cure problems which are strictly mechanical, for example, pain caused by a relatively hard part of the body (bone, cartilage) pressing on a softer part (nerve)? Yes, it can. Compression of the sciatic nerve can cause such a pain and the correct homeopathic medicine can remedy it as the case below shows.

Sciatica is a common back problem with one to five people suffering from it at some point in their lives. The sciatic nerves, one on each side, come off the spinal cord in the low back and travel through the buttocks and down the lower extremities. When compressed, irritation ensues and then pain which can be severe. The pain often extends from the low back down to the feet. Numbness and tingling may or may not accompany it. Though most cases of sciatica resolve on their own within four weeks, a substantial number do not. It is thought the main cause of sciatic is a protrusion of a lower lumbar disc pressing on one or the other of the sciatic nerves. Sciatica is invariably one-sided. An uncommon cause of sciatica is stenosis or narrowing of the spinal canal. Also uncommon is when the sciatic nerve runs through the piriformis muscle rather than beneath it. It is presumed the piriformis spasms or tightens around the sciatic nerve causing pain. The most common cause of sciatica, however, is protrusion or herniation of a lumbar disk causing compression on and pain in the sciatic nerve. When the disc protrusion becomes extreme, surgery may be necessary.

Chiropractic manipulation can shorten the course of sciatica as can various physiotherapy techniques. Both approaches rely on mechanical movement to counter the compression on the sciatic nerve. Homeopathy does not. The homeopathic medicine, as discussed in Chapter 4, is highly diluted and succussed. Each medicine has a different energetic configuration depending on the substance from which it was derived. As mentioned before, these medicines act on the Vital Force putting it into a state of harmonious balance. Thus, the newly invigorated Vital Force acts on the physiological and biochemical substrates which in turn heal the disorder.

Maricela, a sixty-five year old woman, had been suffering from right-sided sciatic pain since July, 1996. The pain travelled from the low back down the back of the thigh to the ankle. She could only fall asleep on her left side and if she turned on to the right, the pain woke her. The pain was worse lifting a moderately heavy suitcase, worse sneezing and worse straining at stool. Her symptoms corresponded to Tellurium an element on the periodic table. In its homeopathic form Tellurium is known to cure sciatica on the right side which is worse from coughing and straining.

In July, 1997, she was given a single dose and improved dramatically within days. Seven months later, she relapsed. She noted she had to sleep in a semi-reclined position, otherwise, on waking and rising from bed she experienced a sharp, sudden pain beginning in the low back and extending down the right leg. As before, the pain was worse from coughing, sneezing and pressing at stool. She also mentioned she liked apples. All her symptoms again fit Tellurium including the love of apples. Two days after another dose, she was able to sleep flat and rise from bed without pain. At one month, she was seventy-five percent better. She went on to a full recovery. Again in 2012 she had a recurrence of the right-sided sciatic pain and again Tellurium put her right within days.

Tellurium is one of the lesser used homeopathic medicines and has won most of its laurels in the treatment of sciatic nerve pain. As always in homeopathy, Tellurium will not cure all or even most sciatic nerve pains. The homeopath must inquire into all aspects of the pain and the person.

In the case of Maricela, Tellurium acted so swiftly and her improvement was so dramatic that when she came to me in February, 1998, for allergies and loss of voice, I thought Id give Tellurium a try even though it is not well-known in that area. Again, it acted with the allergies ceasing with a few days.

The conclusion I drew from treating both Maricelas right-sided sciatica and her allergies was that Tellurium was probably her constitutional medicine, that is, a medicine that corresponds so well to the person that it will alleviate or cure most medical problems that the person has or will have.

Homeopathyit often acts globally helping all aspects of the person.