My never ending quest to become a healthier person has caused me to pay more close attention to my meals. I often ate fast food, and when I did cook, I didn't bother paying attention to how much fat and sugar I was consuming. A friend of mine mentioned to me a service where a company delivers healthy ingredients to you and you can cook the meals yourself. I found a website with a Hello Fresh review overview and breakddown that explained the concept a bit further, and I liked what I saw. I signed up for the service and waited for my first delivery to come.

My first meal was a shrimp stir fry. ...continue reading The Future of Delivery is Healthy Meals

I could not believe that I was crying myself to sleep each night. It had been approximately one and a half months since I hit someone else's car with mine. I looked down for just a moment because my son spilled a mug of hot chocolate on me, and then I lost control and hit two other cars. It was my body that suffered the most. After not getting the type of help that I expected I would get at my physician's office, I decided I would branch out to see a San Jose car accident chiropractor for further advice and help. I had my fingers crossed that it would be worth it.

My son is typically not allowed to bring drinks in the car because he is a clumsy kid. He's so nice and gets good grades, but he's clumsy. He just does not have the ability to watch things as well as he should. And on the day that he brought the mug of hot cocoa in the car, I almost said no. But we were running late, and he had not have any breakfast. So, I knew that he needed to have something in his stomach before starting school. I grabbed and apple for him on the way out the door so that he could eat that once we reached his school and I had dropped him off. As soon as he spilled the hot drink on me, I knew that I should not look down, but the pain from the heat made it so that I could not help it.

Going to a chiropractor had me a little worried at first. I wondered why more people don't go see them, and if I would be wasting money. But when I went to my first appointment and saw what a great job he did with my back troubles, all my fears went away. I am able to get around and do thins quick and easily again.

It's no surprise that with so many car accidents occurring every day that a practice devoted to treating accident victims would open it's doors. The Vacaville accident chiropractor is one of a handful of such chiropractic centers that are helping to treat victims of auto accidents. As such a victim I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they actually processed my Medicaid insurance whereas most practices that I had visited rejected me. It seems unfair to reject individuals based on the type of insurance that they have but I guess that's how insurance and doctors operate, despite patients needing their help. Car accidents are one of the primary causes for whiplash and other sudden trauma to the spine or joints which chiropractors make their living treating. ...continue reading The Delicate Support Column That is the Spine